Climate Action

We partner with local organizations to develop environmental champions who are informed and engaged in climate solutions.

Climate Action

Through SDG&E's signature Environmental Champions giving initiative, our investments empower environmental organizations to focus on mission-critical work around climate literacy, urban greening and habitat restoration.

SDG&E supports close to 80 environmental organizations that inform and inspire the public to take action to protect our planet from future environmental and climate impacts. 

  • SDG&E has contributed 12+ years of consecutive giving, including more than $12 million in investments for environmental programs and projects. 
  • SDG&E has enabled the planting of more than 10,000 trees each year in our service territory through a combination of charitable grants, customer programs, and rebates. Efforts include plantings in parks, canyons, open spaces and education hubs. 
  • Learn more about SDG&E's  2024 Environmental Champions grant program

SDG&E Partners to Expand Tree Canopy in Urban Communities 

SDG&E joined together with City of San Diego and Tree San Diego to plant more than 300 trees in City Heights. These trees will provide shade, sequester carbon, and improve the aesthetics of a highly urban community.  

Similar efforts have taken place in Allied Gardens and Bay Terraces, with additional communities planned for future years. These projects include street trees, trees in parks and working with residents to share information about tree resources for their yards.